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Articles & Blogs

Athens Pass: A Guide to Exploring Athens, GA (2022)

Athens Pass is a case study that discusses the process of building out and testing the Athens Pass app which was created for a project in a UX Strategies class.

Our Water, Our Health in Rural Appalachia (2022)

Our Water, Our Health in Rural Appalachia discusses contributors to the water crisis in rural Appalachia and what some organizations are doing to combat the issues their communities face.

COVID-19 Uncertainty: The Effects of Unprecedented Times (2021)

COVID-19 Uncertainty discusses how uncertainty has impacted out lives during the pandemic.

Dispositions in Entertainment: Good, Bad and MAC (2013)

Dispositions in Entertainment discusses how we take in our media, especially in TV shows and movies.

Creative Things

I have been dabbling in new media and aesthetically pleasing projects to expand my horizons. The gallery below are screenshots of web pages I designed, flyers I have designed in Canva, and other projects I created using Adobe Photoshop and XD and Figma. If you follow the “NMI Portfolio” link, you can take a walk through of my journey learning these things. Click the captions below to see some of the full projects.