New Media Design

New Media Design was focused on traditional graphic design topics, such as layout, composition, imagery, and typography, as it builds a foundational knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud. Specifically, I worked with Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, and Spark. An important component of some projects included working with clients as well as working with a team.

Other than playing around with some of the Adobe apps years ago, I was new to Creative Cloud. This course gave me the tools and the resources to explore my creative side for virtually any kind of project. I enjoyed using XD and Illustrator to design a website for a client starting a digital marketing consulting company, creating postcards in Photoshop/Spark, and working with my team to create Neighborhood Noise using my new Creative Cloud skills. My favorite project was creating vintage postcards.

Vintage Postcard Project

Vintage-looking postcard of the Rocky Mountains.
Vintage-looking postcard of Cumberland Island

I chose two of my personal photos and focused on the four pillars of photography composition- simplicity, asymmetry, eye lines, and point of view. From there, I used Adobe Photoshop to give the photos a vintage look. Finally, I used Adobe Spark to add text which followed the laws of typography.

Tools & Theory Web Design Style Guide

My client wanted a website for her digital media consulting company. After discussing her vision and design preferences, I got to work. To create both a desktop and mobile responsive website, I used Adobe XD. I used Adobe Illustrator to design the logo and create different iterations of it.