About Me

I am an instructor and researcher in communication studies. I was raised in West Virginia which will always be home. Right now, I am at the University of Georgia on the verge on earning my PhD in health and interpersonal communication. I am especially interested in how the two areas collide.

I love asking “why.” I am relentlessly curious about everything- checking my Wikipedia app daily for their random article of the day. When it comes to topics I’m an expert in, like relational communication, sharing what I’ve learned with others is a passion of mine. You can learn more about how I share that information with my students and others by clicking on “My Teaching.”

When I am not doing research I love finding new trails to explore with my dog, competitively watching Jeopardy! or digesting the News Hour with my partner, and, in general, eating all foods. I am always happy to talk about research, outdoor activities, dogs, or whatever Judy Woodruff mentioned on PBS the night before. Whether looking for a research collaborator or a fun activity to try out, do not hesitate to email me and/or follow me on social media.

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