My Teaching

My goal when I teach any course is to help students make connections– with the content, each other, and the community. I do that by creating a collaborative environment with a focus on clarity and relevance. Communication is one of the few disciplines where students can leave class and immediately apply what they have learned. By teaching my students better communication skills, I help improve their personal lives and prepare them for their professional lives which is ultimately what I believe teaching should be.

Teaching Evaluations:

See what past students have said.
  • “The Instructor was very knowledgeable and clear. There was never a surprise assignment because everything was laid out so neatly, and the pace was manageable.”
  • “The professor gave great lectures and made everything interactive. We would have the chance to have class discussions- which I’m usually afraid of, but she made the setting very comfortable.”
  • “I found this course very useful for my future career, even if I do not go into PR. I enjoyed this class and I enjoy each class I take with this professor. The projects reflected the course material and prepared me to complete each assignment. The final project was challenging yet enjoyable. I feel confident and well-prepared to complete any future, real-world PR projects…”

Courses Taught

Underlined course codes include syllabi.

West Virginia Wesleyan College

COMM 105: Introduction to the Communication Studies Discipline*
COMM 121: Intercultural Communication within the United States*
COMM 138/238: Newspaper
COMM 139/239: Radio Broadcasting
COMM 211: Fundamentals of Human Communication*
COMM 221: Interpersonal Communication*
COMM 226: Arguments and Evidence (M)
COMM 240: Public Relations Principles and Practices*
COMM 318: Empirical Research Methods+
COMM 320: Small Group Communication
COMM 324: Communication Theory*
COMM 327: Persuasion
COMM 329: Organizational Communication*
COMM 342: Public Relations Writing
COMM 343: Print Design, Layout & Publication
COMM 344: Public Relations Campaigns
COMM 495/496/497: Communication, PR, & Media Studies Internship

INDS 103: Social Media and Communication (First-year seminar)

University of Georgia

COMM 1500: Interpersonal Communication*
COMM 3700: Empirical Research Methods
COMM 4500: Communicating in Close Relationships (TA)

West Virginia University

COMM 102: Introduction to Communication Studies (TA)
COMM 308: Nonverbal Communication (TA)

*Adapted to online and in-person; +Online only; (M)May Term