New Media Production

I was a complete n00b when I started this course so the skills I learned were almost countless. Now I have a solid foundation to build upon in the future. For starters, as I mentioned before, I got my own domain name and installed some extremely useful programs that will help me continue this whole adventure. I took this class because I wanted to gain some “hard skills.” I can now confidently put “beginner” in CSS, HTML, and WordPress on my resume or LinkedIn whereas I couldn’t put anything before. Not only that, but I just have a better eye for design and how to visualize how a string of code will look to others. This was the perfect class to challenge me in ways I haven’t been challenged in a while.

Featured Work

Hand-crafted Website

I am most proud of this first project. Not because it was the most exciting or intricate, but because it’s when I really got to explore the awesome power of just writing out some plain ol’ HTML lines. All the other projects used a template, a starter pack, but for Project One, you just went for it. It’s like learning to add for the first time. Obviously, 2+2 is easy now, but that fundamental understanding of how it (math or coding) works is eye-opening. Without Project One, there wouldn’t be any others (or at least none that were good). Follow the link to see where I learned to add buttons, make lists, change colors, and everything in between by simply writing some lines of code.

Screenshot of Hand-crafted Website project

Bootstrap Project

First I learned how powerful HTML and CSS were by themselves, then I learned how much faster I could accomplish the same goal with Bootstrap. During that time I learned valuable lessons about media queries, themes, and the inspector tool. Now I can use the inspector tool to identify areas of code I want to update which is especially useful if you’re using a template or after you have an established website. Nothing is more frustrating that a website that doesn’t really work on your phone. By learning how to use media queries, I learned how to make pages responsive to whatever screen you’re using.

Screenshot of Bootstrap project
Project Two- Bootstrap Project


The fourth project introduced me to JavaScript. The “learning high” (is that a thing?) came back when I was learning and playing with JS. It wasn’t until this lesson that I actually realized everything we see on our screen is code. So cool! One of the most valuable takeaways from this project was just that you could find the answer to almost any coding question if you look hard enough. Aside from that, I now know the basics of making a page more interactive and exciting.

Screenshot of JavaScript project
JavaScript Arcade

Final Project

I used WordPress for my final project and really dug deep into customizations and plugins. I can now confirm that there really is a plugin for almost anything you might want. While navigating this project, I learned how to override some of the standard settings that come with a page through the use of custom CSS. I like to change things up so having this foundational knowledge of how to customize outside of the theme’s parameters will be useful.

Screenshot of final project
Final Project

Other Projects & Reflections